DIY Mod Podge Canvas Map

Hola! Mine and my husband’s one year anniversary is this coming Sunday and as I was googling..”one year anniversary gifts” I came upon this great idea to put a map onto a canvas or poster board and then put pushpins or flags or whatever on all of the places that you have visited together. It’s a great reminder of the memories you’ve made together. It will also look pretty on your wall…hopefully.

So here is my experience as I walk you through the “how to”

Supplies Needed: Map, Canvas, Mod Podge or Spray Adhesive, Brush or Foam Roller, Pushpins, Frame (optional).


I purchased my 24″x36″ map off ebay for a whopping $11! I never realized how cheap you can get cool looking maps on ebay. I chose one that had neutral colors to match our home decor. it would be great for a kid’s room if you chose a map in bright colors and gifted it to them.



I bought my 24″x36″ canvas at Michael’s. Now for this item ALWAYS shop around. I found this canvas for 50%  off so it was only $17 for a huge canvas. If you want you could also just frame your map instead of putting it onto a canvas. If you’re short on time I would recommend taking this route.

Mod Podge Map

Mod Podge

I used Mod Podge as my adhesive but I honestly think a spray adhesive would have worked better…or maybe even elmer’s glue.

I sectioned off my map to my canvas and weighed the corners down with these glass vases.


I then worked Mod Podge in sections doing a corner at a time. If I could do over again I would work in much smaller areas and smooth out bubbles as I went.



Canvas Map

Mod Podge Drying

The Mod Podge dries clear. As you can see there will be wrinkles left if you use the Mod Podge Method but I kindof like the weathered look.


After it had fully dried I placed my gold pins on all of the places we had traveled together so far.


Here is the finished product hanging on our wall!

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2 thoughts on “DIY Mod Podge Canvas Map

  1. This looks really neat!
    I’m going to try to make this as a gift and i was just wondering if there’s a specific material you need to use with Mod Podge. This is kind of a dumb question, but is the map you used a glossy poster material? Or is it more papery like typical maps?

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