Follow Up: Our First DIY Birthday Bash

ย Here are a few pictures from right before the party. Everything was pretty much set up at this point.
I made the cupcake toppers from a free printable from this website and printed them on thick paper using our home printer. I think they added a festive touch.ย Free Cupcake Topper Printable Continue reading

DIY: Make your own Cake Stand for under $5 Dollars

As I was decorating for a birthday party I am throwing for a friend I realized that I do not own one single cake stand. Naturally I started researching ways to make my own knock off version ๐Ÿ™‚ I only had to purchase two items at my local Dollar Tree and using my trusty Hot Glue Gun I was able to make my own stylish, cake stand for under $5! Here are some pictures of the whole process. You will need these three items- 1) a candle stick 2) a silver platter or plate would work 3) a hot glue gun. You could always add a little more to yours by using chalkboard paint, spray paint or regular paint to make your stand match a certain color scheme but as I was going for quick and easy I skipped over any additional aesthetic add ons.

Lazy Day at Starbucks Daydreaming about Traveling through Europe

This afternoon I spent my time at my local Starbucks. I decided I needed to take a trip away from home to quit stressing out about our party tonight since I have already cleaned and decorated WAY TOO MUCH for a small get together lol.
As I was relaxing there I started looking at my new favorite blog…Design Mom and can I say I am so jealous of their cute little, Europe Traveling family! I am not yet a mom and will probably not be for a year or two more but I greatly admire this families courage. This couple moved to Europe with 6 kids…and they are loving it! I would really love to do something like that even if it was just with my husband for a year and we got random jobs. I love day-dreaming about things like that…and it seams like my dreams always take me back to traveling Europe. Do you ever find yourself doing the same thing..about the same places? Well if you do and have actually found the courage to act on those dreams let me know how you did it please ๐Ÿ™‚ Until I find the courage I’m going to stick to dreaming. Have a great Friday everyone!

DIY Birthday Soiree

So I am throwing my first official “bash” since I got married, moved out to Southern California and found a whole new group of friends! and I am SOOO excited! It is for my friend Raven who is turning 24. It’s going to be a half-way surprise party since she thinks we are just having a regular old game night but really there will be drinks, cake and presents..YEAH! I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and decided to do a “signature cocktail punch” which resembles a college hunch punch (a punch that you can’t taste the alcohol in:) lol. I’ll attach the recipe below. There will also be gourmet popcorn (chocolate and vanilla), dark chocolate fudge cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and what birthday would be complete without a funfetti cake complete with sprinkle frosting ๐Ÿ™‚ I even made my own printable for the punch. I’ll snap a few pics during the party to do a follow up post but here is how things are looking right now.

Back Patio Oasis

I love our back patio. It is like my own private oasis or my own little spot of land that I can do with what I will ๐Ÿ™‚ We have lived here for 9 months now and this little patio looks SO different from when we first moved in. There was absolutely no grass or plants-just dust so we planted grass seed that would pretty much grow anywhere. The pumpkins that are growing were actually a mistake..oops…lol.. I thought that throwing my pumpkin from Halloween in my compost pile was a good idea until they started sprouting up pretty much overnight and I did’t have the heartย to pull them up even though they will most likely burn up during the summer months :/

Dwarf Lemon Tree Continue reading

Bedroom Decor: Nate Burkas Tree Branch Lamp

I purchased this Nate Burkas Gold, Tree-Branch Lamp at Target a few weeks ago for $14.99. The black lamp shade was also Nate Burkas and on clearance for $7.99. My only regret of this purchase is that there was only one. I would love to have a matching set for both sides of the bed but unfortunately this was the last one.ย 
I hope you like my wall art that I drew myself..HA i saw this drawing on Pinterest and for some reason thought it was really funny so I recreated it myself for our bedroom. It is probably the cheapest wall art I own since I did it myself ๐Ÿ™‚

House Tour: EntryWay

Front Foyer

This is the view when you first walk into our townhouse. An antique looking table that has a key-tree, candy dish and glass vase I found at Marshall’s. The Moss covered “N” was made by yours truly for a wedding decoration and was very easy to make. All you need is dried Spanish moss from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, a hot glue gun and a wooden letter!