DIY Birthday Soiree

So I am throwing my first official “bash” since I got married, moved out to Southern California and found a whole new group of friends! and I am SOOO excited! It is for my friend Raven who is turning 24. It’s going to be a half-way surprise party since she thinks we are just having a regular old game night but really there will be drinks, cake and presents..YEAH! I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and decided to do a “signature cocktail punch” which resembles a college hunch punch (a punch that you can’t taste the alcohol in:) lol. I’ll attach the recipe below. There will also be gourmet popcorn (chocolate and vanilla), dark chocolate fudge cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and what birthday would be complete without a funfetti cake complete with sprinkle frosting 🙂 I even made my own printable for the punch. I’ll snap a few pics during the party to do a follow up post but here is how things are looking right now.

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