DIY: Make your own Cake Stand for under $5 Dollars

As I was decorating for a birthday party I am throwing for a friend I realized that I do not own one single cake stand. Naturally I started researching ways to make my own knock off version 🙂 I only had to purchase two items at my local Dollar Tree and using my trusty Hot Glue Gun I was able to make my own stylish, cake stand for under $5! Here are some pictures of the whole process. You will need these three items- 1) a candle stick 2) a silver platter or plate would work 3) a hot glue gun. You could always add a little more to yours by using chalkboard paint, spray paint or regular paint to make your stand match a certain color scheme but as I was going for quick and easy I skipped over any additional aesthetic add ons.
$1 glass candle stick purchased at Dollar Tree
$1 plastic silver platter purchased at Dollar Tree
Hot Glue Gun (you can find very cheap ones at your local Michaels)
Liberally Apply the Hot Glue first to the Candle Stick
Press Candle Stick firmly to Platter and Hold for a good 20 seconds
Let glue cool down before using your new stand… and Ta-DAA!

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