Our Wedding Is On Style Me Pretty!

I am so excited!…our wedding is currently featured on Style Me Pretty Georgia’s Website. I used their website religiously to get inspiration for our wedding and recently I got up the courage to submit our wedding to them to hopefully get featured on their website. I was so excited when they emailed me back saying we were going to be on Style Me Pretty Georgia. YAY! So check out the post and definitely check out your region on StyleMePretty.com ..I got so many of my vendors and detail ideas from their website.



Bee Swarm

Can I just share with you how our Friday has been so far? This morning I was upstairs cleaning in our guest room with the balcony door open and I started to hear tons of little buzzing noises-almost the sound that house flies make when they keep smacking themselves up against the window. I went to the open door and stood their in disbelieve. There were hundreds, HUNDREDS of bees buzzing around in the courtyard between our houses. I felt like I was in Egypt witnessing a plague! I quickly slammed the door shut with only one bee making it in. Phew! I ran downstairs to get a closer look out the window and to watch the show that was unfolding before me. There were tons of bees just swarming around like a cloud in between our houses, then suddenly, like they had all gotten tired of flying at the same they all picked a branch to pile on together and rest. Of course my first thought is to google “bee swarms” and this is what I found.


I guess when a colony gets too big for just one queen, the extra bees fly off with their new queen and she becomes tired while flying so she will pick a branch to rest on and all of the other bees swarm around her on the branch to be able to communicate with her “pheromones”  (the way they communicate with each other). The swarm will then send out scout bees to try to find a new spot for their hive. “well isn’t this convenient”. Usually this “swarming” lasts from one to three days before they decide to move. (has anyone else watched My Girl).

Bee Swarm

About an hour after all this began, the bees are still “resting” on the tree branch so I calmly and slowly walked past them to my car and when I returned a few hours later they were STILL there on the branch..a huge, black dot!

I suppose another family called the county because a man in a bee suit promptly showed up and showered the poor bees down. I couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for these poor creatures. I was hoping that they were just going to relocate them but judging by the piles of bees on the ground still I’m guessing they poisoned them. There are still quite a few swarming around the branch and the bee suit man is gone…hmmm. Is he coming back?!?!


Bee SwarmsHope you have an eventful Friday in a much different way 🙂 See you next week!


Longings for a baby…Maybe

Beautiful Baby

Photo by Sri & Jana  of Chicago Maternity Photographer

Okay so I either really do want to have a baby soon or I just want to have a baby soon because I have been reading so many of these amazing birth stories….

Click here to read Gabrielle Blair’s birth story of her 6th child, June.


Click here to read Jennifer Richardson’s beautiful birth story of, Rowan.

Me and Andrew have only been married about a year. He comes from a family of six children and me from four so it’s safe to say that neither one of us is scared to have a few munchkins running around but is one year of marriage to short of a time to already be thinking about kids? Oh well, I AM! Which is ironic because I swore to myself that I would not be someone who gets married and has kids right away…yet here I am, daydreaming about baby clothes and basinets. Just last night I was in a clothes store and found myself drawn to the baby clothes section…ahh they are just so cute. But then again, who doesn’t think that miniature uggs and tiny socks are cute right?

Any thoughts on how long you think newlyweds should wait to have their first child?



The difference between Point and Shoot cameras and DSLR cameras

I am so excited today! I finally made enough money from my ebay ventures to be able to afford a new Canon DSLR camera. To be fair, I did have a gift-card that covered almost half of the price, but still, I am super proud of myself for being able to part with a large chunk of my J.Crew wardrobe in order to get this camera. I have never had a camera that wasn’t a “point and shoot” one and I am really hoping that this will take my family photography and videos to the next level. (not to mention my blog) 🙂 YAY!

I really started researching SLR cameras a few months ago when I got frustrated that I could never quite capture the beautiful desert landscapes around us. I wanted to know what made them different (and more expensive) than my $120 Sony Cyber-Shot. I found out that the main difference is that DSLR cameras will take “exact mirror” images of what you see whereas point and shoot cameras don’t use “mirrors”  at all because they are completely digital. That is why colors in landscapes never look as good as what you are seeing in real life. Because “point and shoot” cameras adjust the lighting.

I am really excited to go capture some new landscape pictures around our area. We live about 30 minutes from Southern California’s Glamis Sand Dunes area and I am already imagining framing some beautiful  desert shots to hang in our apartment.

Do you have a DSLR camera? If so, which one and are there any certain lenses that you recommend?


Will having divorced parents effect my own marriage?

happinesscentered blog

My parents went through an extremely messy divorce when I was 14. Not to mention, they weren’t the kind of parents that only fought in the bedroom and kept a good face in front of the kids.
Several times throughout childhood I remember a police car would pull up to my house and say that the neighbors were worried because they heard yelling and screaming coming form my house’s direction – (You couldn’t even see our neighbors house from where we lived) – If that gives you an idea of how loud they were fighting.
Me and my husband have had quite a few talks about how my parent’s marriage and then divorce sometimes affects our own marriage. My husband believes that I have an extremely hard time trusting him because my own father’s infidelity towards my mother over several years….and if I am honest with myself I would have to agree with him.
I think that children are affected by relationships that they watch growing up. I’m definitely not saying that people that come from “divorced families” can’t grow up to have “normal” relationships. I’m just saying that I think in some ways it makes an impact on how they view relationships. I also think it helps to become aware of this because you can consciously make a decision to counteract that way of “false” thinking. For instance, I always have to tell myself, “hey, this isn’t how I should view my marriage, not every man naturally cheats on their wife” and just because my parents relationship was like that doesn’t mean that mine is going to be like that.
I’m so thankful that my husband grew up watching his parents have a “healthy marriage” but I am even more thankful that he takes the time to realize how different of a childhood we both had and to help me overcome my insecurities about marriages and relationships 🙂


Series: Wedding Mistakes to Avoid | Part Two

Day Two of Wedding Blunders you should avoid at all costs! Kidding, but seriously..avoid doing this if at all possible.

Happiness Centered

Definitely don’t take the TheKnot’s advice on what your DJ play-list should be. That’s what I did…and they ended up playing “Red Solo Cup” as the last song..and there was NO ALCOHOL even at our wedding (or solo cups). Continue reading


Series: Wedding Mistakes to Avoid| Part One


Over the next few days I wanted to do a short “Wedding Mistakes I Made” series to offer some of my best wedding preparation advice. I know it is impossible for any one wedding to be completely perfect but there were a few blunders that I could have avoided with a little guidance and good advice.

Without any further ado here is probably my biggest Wedding Mistake.

I did not do a complete “taste testing” of all the foods that were going to be served at our reception.

Instead I did a hurried taste testing of my caterer of choice’s signature items  then proceeded to pick other things off their menu that I had never actually tasted. MISTAKE. The food at my reception ended up being okay but there were quite a few things that (and as my dear grandmother informed me) were plain bad!

Make sure you taste every dish you will be serving. Especially the big entree selections. Be sure to also double check with your caterer that this is exactly what you are going to be getting at the reception? (no substitutes)

For instance, Our meat choice ended up being almost completely raw so not many people even tried it. Which was very sad because it was one of the most expensive things on our menu. Make sure to tell your caterer how you want any meat prepared (medium,well done, etc). Don’t leave it to chance that the chef will have the same tastes as your guests.

Disclaimer: I don’t want you to think my wedding was a disaster..because it wasn’t. I still regard it as one of the best days of my life so far!


Our Townhouse: Guest Room

I feel very grateful that we were able to find such an affordable apartment that came with two bedrooms. Although we could have made a one-bedroom work it has been so nice having a place to use for an office/guest room/craft area/ and storage closet.

My Home

I really wanted to have a gallery wall somewhere in our home and this room was a perfect place to try it out. I framed a Tiffany’s bag as well as some of my own art in these very cheap Ikea frames. I also turned a bargain frame from Michael’s into a Chalkboard. I love being able to write a welcome note to any of our guests. Continue reading


Pumpkin Pancakes, Thrift Stores and Starbucks

Mondays are my husbands day off so this morning I decided to venture out of my usual breakfast routine and make him pumpkin oatmeal pancakes. I know they sound delicious but they were quite tricky and ended up being more like little fluffy pumpkin cakes. Yes, we still ate them of course.

After breakfast we decided to drop some clothes off at Salvation Army. We ended up with a very nice glass cake stand and cover. I was super excited about this find because I’ve been looking for one every time I visit a thrift store for the past few months.

We then headed over to our regular Starbucks to read and relax. This has become one of our favorite activities to do together. It’s a very cheap date and we can either talk or stick our noses in our own respective books and ignore each other:)

We finished the day with chinese food for dinner and are about to sit down to watch the movie Lincoln. Happy Monday and have a blessed week.


Our Townhouse: Living Room

Over the past few weeks we have done a major overhaul on our living room/dining room set-up. It all started because we were planning for a birthday party and wanted to create a more “open feel” to the living/dining room area to help guests feel included whether they were sitting at the kitchen table or on the couches in the living room area.

Here is a before picture of the living room when we first moved in. Our stuff is everywhere just waiting to be organized. The blue and white plaid couches are not necessarily my style but they were graciously given to us until we can afford to get our own so no complaints from me 🙂


Living Room DSC00861

When I first set up our living room and dining room area I tried to make the two spaces separate by closing off the living room with the couches. Here is a picture of that set up.

HALF-WAY POINT Continue reading