San Diego Road Trip

Happy Tuesday! Me and my husband decided to take a trip up to San Diego over the Holiday weekend to help us from thinking about how much we missed our families (and the traditional Easter Egg Hunt). We were able to find a great deal on a hotel at that was just a block away from the water. We spent Sunday afternoon on the beach and that night we went to our favorite restaurant –The Cheesecake Factory! I know it is a chain but I just love how this place NEVER disappoints me 🙂 The service is always great and the food is amazing Every Single Time. We ordered Thai lettuce wraps as our appetizer and I had Spicy Cashew Chicken and Andy had Parmesan Chicken Pasta. We both loved our meals and I even took a few pictures of them to prove it…

Spicy Cashew Chicken

This WAS chicken Parmesan Pasta

Does anyone else love The Cheesecake Factory as much as we do??

We endup spending the first party of Monday morning on Mission Beach but eventually it became way to windy so we headed off to a few thrift store shops. I made out like a bandit at one Goodwill Boutique store. I found TWO camera tripods for $3.99 each! I was so excited about my tripods because I have been looking at Best Buy for the past few months and the cheapest ones start at $30 bucks.

How was your Easter Weekend? Did you take any fun trips over the Holidays?


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