Obsession: Beautiful Journals

Beautiful Journals

Journal Obsession Anyone? Okay so I’ll admit that I can not go past a journal/notebook isle without hesitating and at least glancing at the cute little beauties. Over the past few years I have really outdone myself with my journal collection. I’m not sure what it is – there is just something about purchasing a new journal that holds so much promise. Every time I purchase a new one it’s like hey, this TIME I’m going to journal each and every day of this beautiful life I’m living and some day my children’s children may sit down together and read this diary of my journey. Of course, I usually quit using them some time during the first week of ownership but oh well, they are still quite beautiful creatures sitting there on my end tables, in my drawers and on my bookshelves. So here’s a nod to all of my beautiful, half-filled journals.


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