Our Townhouse: Living Room

Over the past few weeks we have done a major overhaul on our living room/dining room set-up. It all started because we were planning for a birthday party and wanted to create a more “open feel” to the living/dining room area to help guests feel included whether they were sitting at the kitchen table or on the couches in the living room area.

Here is a before picture of the living room when we first moved in. Our stuff is everywhere just waiting to be organized. The blue and white plaid couches are not necessarily my style but they were graciously given to us until we can afford to get our own so no complaints from me šŸ™‚


Living Room DSC00861

When I first set up our living room and dining room area I tried to make the two spaces separate by closing off the living room with the couches. Here is a picture of that set up.


Living Room

We used this lay-out for quite a while but I think our current lay-out works even better. It makes much more sense for entertaining since there is no set boundaries for the dining/living room areas now. It’s also much easier to see the television from the kitchen if I am trying to watch something while doing the dishes or cooking.Ā Here are some images of the current set-up. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions that we could use to make this space even more practical.


Living Room living room living room

Please excuse the rack of clothes. Those are all of my current “things to sell on ebay” rack. I’ve found that there is much better lighting for taking pictures of them downstairs rather than the guest room. Plus I am more motivated to get rid of them if they are in the way.


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