Our Townhouse: Guest Room

I feel very grateful that we were able to find such an affordable apartment that came with two bedrooms. Although we could have made a one-bedroom work it has been so nice having a place to use for an office/guest room/craft area/ and storage closet.

My Home

I really wanted to have a gallery wall somewhere in our home and this room was a perfect place to try it out. I framed a Tiffany’s bag as well as some of my own art in these very cheap Ikea frames. I also turned a bargain frame from Michael’s into a Chalkboard. I love being able to write a welcome note to any of our guests.

Guest Room

I turned an antique desk into a bedside table so it works as a double feature which is great for the limited space. One of my favorite pieces of furniture that we own is this vintage cobbler’s shoe rack that came from my mother. It has been so nice to have a place to store all of our shoes our in the open.

Guest Room Guest Room

Probably the most embarrassing thing about this room is the closet. Since this is the only storage closet in the entire apartment it really is stuffed to the brim. This wouldn’t bother me too much if it wasn’t in the guest room. I will do a post on re-organizing this closet soon 🙂

Guest Room Guest Room


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