Series: Wedding Mistakes to Avoid | Part Two

Day Two of Wedding Blunders you should avoid at all costs! Kidding, but seriously..avoid doing this if at all possible.

Happiness Centered

Definitely don’t take the TheKnot’s advice on what your DJ play-list should be. That’s what I did…and they ended up playing “Red Solo Cup” as the last song..and there was NO ALCOHOL even at our wedding (or solo cups). My bad. I guess amidst all my planning I forgot to check every single song that was on the recommended playlist. My guests literally looked like confused, wilting flowers out on the dance floor when Toby Keith started chanting “Now a red solo cup is the best receptacle for barbecues, tailgates, fairs and festivals and you, sir, do not have a pair of testiclesIf you prefer drinking from glass” They all looked around not knowing how to raise their imaginary red solo cups and swiftly made their exit off the dance floor like the parting of the Red Sea! Someone even told me later that my own brother loudly proclaimed “who picked this song?!”  Traitor

So yes, make sure you are actively involved in picking out your playlist. Try (even if it time consuming) to make up your own playlist so there will be no surprises. Definitely pick songs that you and your significant other like but  keep your guests’ taste in music in mind as well. If you are going to have lots of young, hip people then by all means go ahead and blast Usher’s “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” all night long. But if you’re guest list mainly includes your parents friends, older Aunts and Uncles along with your Pastor maybe try to throw in some oldies or even some classic Michael Buble (something I think we can all agree on 🙂

Nelson_576This is my husband’s 91 year old grandmother, Mable. I hope I’m still dancing like her when I’m her age. 

Best of Luck!


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