Longings for a baby…Maybe

Beautiful Baby

Photo by Sri & Jana  of Chicago Maternity Photographer

Okay so I either really do want to have a baby soon or I just want to have a baby soon because I have been reading so many of these amazing birth stories….

Click here to read Gabrielle Blair’s birth story of her 6th child, June.


Click here to read Jennifer Richardson’s beautiful birth story of, Rowan.

Me and Andrew have only been married about a year. He comes from a family of six children and me from four so it’s safe to say that neither one of us is scared to have a few munchkins running around but is one year of marriage to short of a time to already be thinking about kids? Oh well, I AM! Which is ironic because I swore to myself that I would not be someone who gets married and has kids right away…yet here I am, daydreaming about baby clothes and basinets. Just last night I was in a clothes store and found myself drawn to the baby clothes section…ahh they are just so cute. But then again, who doesn’t think that miniature uggs and tiny socks are cute right?

Any thoughts on how long you think newlyweds should wait to have their first child?



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