Bee Swarm

Can I just share with you how our Friday has been so far? This morning I was upstairs cleaning in our guest room with the balcony door open and I started to hear tons of little buzzing noises-almost the sound that house flies make when they keep smacking themselves up against the window. I went to the open door and stood their in disbelieve. There were hundreds, HUNDREDS of bees buzzing around in the courtyard between our houses. I felt like I was in Egypt witnessing a plague! I quickly slammed the door shut with only one bee making it in. Phew! I ran downstairs to get a closer look out the window and to watch the show that was unfolding before me. There were tons of bees just swarming around like a cloud in between our houses, then suddenly, like they had all gotten tired of flying at the same they all picked a branch to pile on together and rest. Of course my first thought is to google “bee swarms” and this is what I found.


I guess when a colony gets too big for just one queen, the extra bees fly off with their new queen and she becomes tired while flying so she will pick a branch to rest on and all of the other bees swarm around her on the branch to be able to communicate with her “pheromones”  (the way they communicate with each other). The swarm will then send out scout bees to try to find a new spot for their hive. “well isn’t this convenient”. Usually this “swarming” lasts from one to three days before they decide to move. (has anyone else watched My Girl).

Bee Swarm

About an hour after all this began, the bees are still “resting” on the tree branch so I calmly and slowly walked past them to my car and when I returned a few hours later they were STILL there on the branch..a huge, black dot!

I suppose another family called the county because a man in a bee suit promptly showed up and showered the poor bees down. I couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for these poor creatures. I was hoping that they were just going to relocate them but judging by the piles of bees on the ground still I’m guessing they poisoned them. There are still quite a few swarming around the branch and the bee suit man is gone…hmmm. Is he coming back?!?!


Bee SwarmsHope you have an eventful Friday in a much different way 🙂 See you next week!


4 thoughts on “UnBEElievable

  1. Bees are actually at their least aggressive whilst swarming, as they have no honey stores or brood to protect. It’s a shame that the default response in your area is to kill the bees – a local beekeeper is usually happy to come along and collect a swarm, especially in an easy to reach location like this one. What a waste.

    • It is a shame. That is why we never called anyone because I read online that they would just relocate soon and weren’t looking to attack anyone anyways.

      • The trouble is swarms do look dramatic, so I can see why people who don’t know about bees would freak out. The county should know better though. They’d actually save money for taxpayers if they got in touch with local beekeepers, rather than paying an employee to kill the bees.

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