Happy Belated Mother’s Day

Happy Belated Mother’s Day! We are currently still in Atlanta for my little sister’s graduation. It has been a whirlwind of a trip. We flew from San Diego to Atlanta, which was a five hour flight, then the very next day we drove from Atlanta to Jackson, Mississippi for my sister’s college graduation. It was a great time spent with my family and I actually quite enjoyed the long car ride there because it meant we were forced to talk to each other 🙂


Here is most of my “little” family with the graduate

It has been a great trip so far and being home has been such a treat for us.

How was your Mother’s Day? Any graduations on your horizon?


An Italian Thanksgiving Day


Do you ever just wake up some days and actually WANT to cook? Maybe make some of your favorite deserts or your favorite comfort food dish? Well today was one of those days for me. I actually started making a lasagna for tonight at 9:30 this morning..and as soon as I was done with that I started making a home-made pumpkin pie to go along with it…mmmm. I just love pumpkin pies, the spiciness to them and the way they fill your house with smells of Thanksgiving. It’s quite a shame that my husband doesn’t really care for them but I guess that just means more pie for me! 🙂

Happiness Centered

I know pumpkin pies don’t necessarily “go” with lasagna but it’s hard to not enjoy eating two of your favorite foods in one day.


Cheers to your favorite foods!

What are your favorite foods to make?


Summer Vacation Plans

Ocean City New Jersey

Summers here where we live can be outrageously hot (it reaches up to 115) so a lot of people from our small town head up to San Diego to get out of the heat. But since we are not financially able to do that we have planned our vacations during the next couple of months to make our Summer here more bearable. We are going to Atlanta, Georgia next week and then to Atlantic City, New Jersey in July!

We just booked our flights today to New Jersey! YIPEE! I am so excited that we will be taking a visit to see my husband’s family in South Jersey at the end of July. It has been quite a while since we have been able to visit them and I know my husband will enjoy going home for a bit. They also live 20 minutes from the beach which is always a nice perk 🙂

Do you have any Summer vacation plans for you or your family? If so, where are you headed to? I would love to find a place that could become a tradition to visit every year.



Propagating Moss Rose Plants

Today I started snipping off pieces of my beautiful Moss Rose plant in hopes of making lots of minnie plants from them. I did a test run two days ago with a longer branch that had fallen off -I buried it about 2 inches below the soil and watered it…today I pulled it up to check for roots and voila! it had tiny little roots growing already!  So today I snipped four pieces, pulled off about two inches worth of their leaves and planted them in an antique metal tray to watch them hopefully take root and bloom. It was 103 degrees here yesterday but is supposed to stay in the 90’s for the next week or so, hopefully they will not get scorched while they are in this delicate replanting phase.

Here are a few pictures of my efforts so far

Moss Rose PropagatingMoss Rose Continue reading