Anniversary Road Trip to Las Vegas, Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon South Rim

Happy Wednesday! We just got back from our Anniversary Road Trip yesterday so I thought I would share how it went. Our trip ended up including dinner in Las Vegas, touring the Hoover Dam, swimming in Lake Mead, staying on the historic Route 66, and then hiking the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It was a wonderful, wonderful trip! We loved celebrating our first year by bringing in the next year with some awesome unforgettable memories. My most favorite part about our trip was probably the Grand Canyon. It is just so breathtaking. I’ve always looked at pictures of it but it’s something you just have to see in person to fully comprehend how massive it is. The Hoover Dam was also amazing to see in person, it really makes you appreciate how genius engineers must be.


Hoover Dam


Vegas: Book a show ahead of time to see in Las Vegas-maybe a dinner and a show would have been fun. We ended up eating in the Stratosphere that overlooks the city but it was crazy expensive!

Vegas: We stayed in Henderson instead of staying on the strip. It’s a close suburb to Las Vegas and it’s only a 20 minute drive to the city and it’s way more relaxed, kid friendly and cheaper.

Lake Mead/Hoover Dam: If you’re planning on visiting the beach at Lake Mead take floats or tubes with you because it is fairly rocky..even in the water. We ended up going to the Marino to buy floats to use for the day.

The Grand Canyon: We ended up picking a day hike that was about 7/8 miles that ran around the top of the rim but if I was to go again I would have taken the one hike that actually went down to the Colorado River and back.(8 miles total) I think the name was Hermit’s Rest Hike. Here are a few pics from the trip! Image

View of Lake Mead from the Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

Grand Canyon

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip


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