The difference between Point and Shoot cameras and DSLR cameras

I am so excited today! I finally made enough money from my ebay ventures to be able to afford a new Canon DSLR camera. To be fair, I did have a gift-card that covered almost half of the price, but still, I am super proud of myself for being able to part with a large chunk of my J.Crew wardrobe in order to get this camera. I have never had a camera that wasn’t a “point and shoot” one and I am really hoping that this will take my family photography and videos to the next level. (not to mention my blog) 🙂 YAY!

I really started researching SLR cameras a few months ago when I got frustrated that I could never quite capture the beautiful desert landscapes around us. I wanted to know what made them different (and more expensive) than my $120 Sony Cyber-Shot. I found out that the main difference is that DSLR cameras will take “exact mirror” images of what you see whereas point and shoot cameras don’t use “mirrors”  at all because they are completely digital. That is why colors in landscapes never look as good as what you are seeing in real life. Because “point and shoot” cameras adjust the lighting.

I am really excited to go capture some new landscape pictures around our area. We live about 30 minutes from Southern California’s Glamis Sand Dunes area and I am already imagining framing some beautiful  desert shots to hang in our apartment.

Do you have a DSLR camera? If so, which one and are there any certain lenses that you recommend?


Lazy Day at Starbucks Daydreaming about Traveling through Europe

This afternoon I spent my time at my local Starbucks. I decided I needed to take a trip away from home to quit stressing out about our party tonight since I have already cleaned and decorated WAY TOO MUCH for a small get together lol.
As I was relaxing there I started looking at my new favorite blog…Design Mom and can I say I am so jealous of their cute little, Europe Traveling family! I am not yet a mom and will probably not be for a year or two more but I greatly admire this families courage. This couple moved to Europe with 6 kids…and they are loving it! I would really love to do something like that even if it was just with my husband for a year and we got random jobs. I love day-dreaming about things like that…and it seams like my dreams always take me back to traveling Europe. Do you ever find yourself doing the same thing..about the same places? Well if you do and have actually found the courage to act on those dreams let me know how you did it please 🙂 Until I find the courage I’m going to stick to dreaming. Have a great Friday everyone!