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Before and After Pics

Hello, I apologize for being so MIA lately. I was jet-setting off to New Jersey and Atlanta for the past month to try and escape the heat of the desert. I am back for good now (except I leave next Thursday for job training in Dallas, TX) yay! 🙂 Whilst I was in Atlanta visiting my parents I made time to visit of my favorite GoodWills.  On one such visit I scored this beautiful wooden TV stand. It reminded me of something I had seen in Pottery Barn so I grabbed it for $20. After re-painting it with two coats of black paint here she is in all of her re-furbished glory!


DIY Chalk Paint with Minwax Stain

Okay, as you can see, I’m still on my Chalk Paint kick. My hubby is out of town this week so I was able to knock this dresser out in two days! I just used green and white acrylic paint mixed with my Plaster of Paris Chalk Paint recipe. (2 tbs of PoP, 2tbs of water to 1 cup of paint) I also used a Minwax Kona stain after I applied one coat of clear Minwax to give it a darker, worn appearance. Here is this finished look.





One Coat of Chalk Paint
One Coat of Chalk Paint

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DIY Chalk Paint Project (Part Two)

Happy Monday! We were able to finish up our DIY Chalk Board Paint Kitchen table over the weekend! YAY! I finally decided to just paint the top a safe Black color. I finished up waxing it this morning to keep it protected from any scratches or water damage since this table gets a lot of use. Here are a few pics of the finished table. Click here for the DIY Chalk Paint Recipe we used.

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DIY Chalk Paint Project (Part One)

Here is an update on my DIY Chalk Paint Project. I started out with three small tables that were all different shades. I decided to start with just painting the bases my pretty Bali Bliss teal color. I’m still undecided what color to do on the tops..maybe I’ll just do black. I was given two of the tables and the smallest one was a really cheap purchase from Target so at least I’m not too worried if it turns into a hot mess! 🙂


IMG_0947 IMG_0946 IMG_0948 DIY Chalk Paint Tables

Midway Point (just the bases painted)…

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DIY Chalk Paint Project

I’ve found a new DIY project that I’m really excited to try- DIY Chalk Paint! I think the most popular brand that people use is the Ann Sloan chalk paint brand but after talking to my sister she let me in on a little “not so well kept” secret- You can make your own chalk paint for wayyyy cheaper than name brands. You just use Plaster of Paris, Hot Water, Finishing Wax and your Paint! Super Easy! Here is recipe I found online and you are able to use this paint on almost any surface with no primer…wood, metal, glass, vinyl, leather, fabric.


photo credit: Patricia-Krank Blog

I’m still trying to decide what my colors should be but here are a few pictures that I’m using for inspiration.


photo credit: turnstylevogue.com

http://www.turnstylevogue.com/2013/04/furniture-debut-sunny-daze/photo credit: Decorating-Ideas-Made-Easy.com

http://relovedrubbish.blogspot.com/photo credit: RelovedRubish

I have already purchased 2 BEHR Premium Plus Flat Paint samples for $2.95 each in a a dark yellow and a teal color. I also purchased my Plaster of Paris for $9.95 and my Miniwax Finishing Wax for around $9 all at Home Depot. The process seams pretty simple, you mix your recipe, paint the item, wax, then sand for a distressed look if desired. (no priming usually needed). I’ll let you know how it turns our with some pics soon! Have a great day! ~Hope


DIY Mod Podge Canvas Map

Hola! Mine and my husband’s one year anniversary is this coming Sunday and as I was googling..”one year anniversary gifts” I came upon this great idea to put a map onto a canvas or poster board and then put pushpins or flags or whatever on all of the places that you have visited together. It’s a great reminder of the memories you’ve made together. It will also look pretty on your wall…hopefully.

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