House Love

A Lot has been changing in our little townhouse the past few months so I thought I would share a few shots of my favorite updates…here goesImage



chalkboard quote from Frost


two new metal shelves from ikea ($14.99)Image


a new gallery wall in the living room..the DIY mode podge Map was a DIY project that I did a previous post on



a DIY burlap wreath and a white pumpkin are keeping my entryway seasonal


DIY Chalk Paint Project (Part Two)

Happy Monday! We were able to finish up our DIY Chalk Board Paint Kitchen table over the weekend! YAY! I finally decided to just paint the top a safe Black color. I finished up waxing it this morning to keep it protected from any scratches or water damage since this table gets a lot of use. Here are a few pics of the finished table. Click here for the DIY Chalk Paint Recipe we used.

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DIY Chalk Paint Project (Part One)

Here is an update on my DIY Chalk Paint Project. I started out with three small tables that were all different shades. I decided to start with just painting the bases my pretty Bali Bliss teal color. I’m still undecided what color to do on the tops..maybe I’ll just do black. I was given two of the tables and the smallest one was a really cheap purchase from Target so at least I’m not too worried if it turns into a hot mess! 🙂


IMG_0947 IMG_0946 IMG_0948 DIY Chalk Paint Tables

Midway Point (just the bases painted)…

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Propagating Moss Rose Plants

Today I started snipping off pieces of my beautiful Moss Rose plant in hopes of making lots of minnie plants from them. I did a test run two days ago with a longer branch that had fallen off -I buried it about 2 inches below the soil and watered it…today I pulled it up to check for roots and voila! it had tiny little roots growing already!  So today I snipped four pieces, pulled off about two inches worth of their leaves and planted them in an antique metal tray to watch them hopefully take root and bloom. It was 103 degrees here yesterday but is supposed to stay in the 90’s for the next week or so, hopefully they will not get scorched while they are in this delicate replanting phase.

Here are a few pictures of my efforts so far

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Our Townhouse: Guest Room

I feel very grateful that we were able to find such an affordable apartment that came with two bedrooms. Although we could have made a one-bedroom work it has been so nice having a place to use for an office/guest room/craft area/ and storage closet.

My Home

I really wanted to have a gallery wall somewhere in our home and this room was a perfect place to try it out. I framed a Tiffany’s bag as well as some of my own art in these very cheap Ikea frames. I also turned a bargain frame from Michael’s into a Chalkboard. I love being able to write a welcome note to any of our guests. Continue reading


Our Townhouse: Living Room

Over the past few weeks we have done a major overhaul on our living room/dining room set-up. It all started because we were planning for a birthday party and wanted to create a more “open feel” to the living/dining room area to help guests feel included whether they were sitting at the kitchen table or on the couches in the living room area.

Here is a before picture of the living room when we first moved in. Our stuff is everywhere just waiting to be organized. The blue and white plaid couches are not necessarily my style but they were graciously given to us until we can afford to get our own so no complaints from me 🙂


Living Room DSC00861

When I first set up our living room and dining room area I tried to make the two spaces separate by closing off the living room with the couches. Here is a picture of that set up.

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Back Patio Oasis

I love our back patio. It is like my own private oasis or my own little spot of land that I can do with what I will 🙂 We have lived here for 9 months now and this little patio looks SO different from when we first moved in. There was absolutely no grass or plants-just dust so we planted grass seed that would pretty much grow anywhere. The pumpkins that are growing were actually a mistake..oops…lol.. I thought that throwing my pumpkin from Halloween in my compost pile was a good idea until they started sprouting up pretty much overnight and I did’t have the heart to pull them up even though they will most likely burn up during the summer months :/

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Bedroom Decor: Nate Burkas Tree Branch Lamp

I purchased this Nate Burkas Gold, Tree-Branch Lamp at Target a few weeks ago for $14.99. The black lamp shade was also Nate Burkas and on clearance for $7.99. My only regret of this purchase is that there was only one. I would love to have a matching set for both sides of the bed but unfortunately this was the last one. 
I hope you like my wall art that I drew myself..HA i saw this drawing on Pinterest and for some reason thought it was really funny so I recreated it myself for our bedroom. It is probably the cheapest wall art I own since I did it myself 🙂