Obsession: Unique Socks

J.Crew Socks

Today I am addressing yet another obsession of mine – yup, you guessed it-…SOCKS! I am in love with feet clothes.

Unique Socks


I love striped socks, knit socks, solid socks, argyle socks. I love thin socks, thick socks, long socks, short socks…ok this is starting to sound like a bad Dr. Sues rhyme so I’ll stop. But you get the idea. I’m a collector of fine socks!

Patterned Socks


One of the top reasons for my obsession is that sock purchases (unlike shoes) won’t break your bank, not to mention they don’t clutter your closet either! What more could a person ask for 🙂 If you are a sock collector (or maybe just an admirer) let me know and be sure to include where your favorite place to purchase your socks is. Thanks!

Patterned J.Crew socks