Our Wedding Video

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA the last few weeks. I was a bit sad after leaving my family in Georgia to come home to California but I think I’m finally over it again 🙂 I always thought I was one of the “tough” ones who could move anywhere and be happy but being so far away from our families can be really hard sometimes. In Lou of our one year anniversary June 16th I’m showing a clip of our wedding. I like to watch it because it reminds me why it’s worth being homesick sometimes.


Our Wedding Is On Style Me Pretty!

I am so excited!…our wedding is currently featured on Style Me Pretty Georgia’s Website. I used their website religiously to get inspiration for our wedding and recently I got up the courage to submit our wedding to them to hopefully get featured on their website. I was so excited when they emailed me back saying we were going to be on Style Me Pretty Georgia. YAY! So check out the post and definitely check out your region on ..I got so many of my vendors and detail ideas from their website.


Series: Wedding Mistakes to Avoid | Part Two

Day Two of Wedding Blunders you should avoid at all costs! Kidding, but seriously..avoid doing this if at all possible.

Happiness Centered

Definitely don’t take the TheKnot’s advice on what your DJ play-list should be. That’s what I did…and they ended up playing “Red Solo Cup” as the last song..and there was NO ALCOHOL even at our wedding (or solo cups). Continue reading


Series: Wedding Mistakes to Avoid| Part One


Over the next few days I wanted to do a short “Wedding Mistakes I Made” series to offer some of my best wedding preparation advice. I know it is impossible for any one wedding to be completely perfect but there were a few blunders that I could have avoided with a little guidance and good advice.

Without any further ado here is probably my biggest Wedding Mistake.

I did not do a complete “taste testing” of all the foods that were going to be served at our reception.

Instead I did a hurried taste testing of my caterer of choice’s signature items  then proceeded to pick other things off their menu that I had never actually tasted. MISTAKE. The food at my reception ended up being okay but there were quite a few things that (and as my dear grandmother informed me) were plain bad!

Make sure you taste every dish you will be serving. Especially the big entree selections. Be sure to also double check with your caterer that this is exactly what you are going to be getting at the reception? (no substitutes)

For instance, Our meat choice ended up being almost completely raw so not many people even tried it. Which was very sad because it was one of the most expensive things on our menu. Make sure to tell your caterer how you want any meat prepared (medium,well done, etc). Don’t leave it to chance that the chef will have the same tastes as your guests.

Disclaimer: I don’t want you to think my wedding was a disaster..because it wasn’t. I still regard it as one of the best days of my life so far!


Our Wedding at Foxhall Resort

All images were taken by GracieBlue photography from Atlanta, Georgia.Wooden Wedding Sign

Today I wanted to share a few pictures of our wedding that was at Foxhall Resort this past June. We were married  in Douglasville Georgia. It was a beautiful day and I often wish I could re-live it again but this sloooowwwww motion 🙂





People kept telling me before the wedding how the day would just fly by like a blur and they weren’t kidding. I may post more wedding pictures sometime but these are a few of my favorite shots. Continue reading