Pumpkin Pancakes, Thrift Stores and Starbucks

Mondays are my husbands day off so this morning I decided to venture out of my usual breakfast routine and make him pumpkin oatmeal pancakes. I know they sound delicious but they were quite tricky and ended up being more like little fluffy pumpkin cakes. Yes, we still ate them of course.

After breakfast we decided to drop some clothes off at Salvation Army. We ended up with a very nice glass cake stand and cover. I was super excited about this find because I’ve been looking for one every time I visit a thrift store for the past few months.

We then headed over to our regular Starbucks to read and relax. This has become one of our favorite activities to do together. It’s a very cheap date and we can either talk or stick our noses in our own respective books and ignore each other:)

We finished the day with chinese food for dinner and are about to sit down to watch the movie Lincoln. Happy Monday and have a blessed week.


Vintage Thermos

My most recent exciting thrift-store find was this Vintage-70’s-esque coffee server/thermos. The best part is that it actually still works wonderfully! Some days I wish I could own a house that had decade themed rooms 🙂