Mecca Hills Painted Canyon / Ladder Canyon Hike

Last weekend a friend from Palm Springs took us on a beautiful hike in Mecca (just South of Palm Springs, right above the Salton Sea). It was awesome and I loved that it only took around 3 hours total…so it wasn’t too intense for someone that rarely hikes. The unique thing about this hike is that you must scale several ladders to get though the canyon to the scenic top where you can catch view of the Salton Sea. In the past, the only way to get to the top was to use wooden ladders but someone recently replaced them with sturdier aluminum ones….many still have the wooden ones right next to the new ones which was neat to see. I would make sure to take plenty of water, sunglasses and a snack or two…even though you’re shaded by the canyon walls for a lot of the hike, it’s still a good idea to take some sunblock. Enjoy!

Ladder Canyon HikeCanyon Ladder Hike Mecca IMG_1651 Canyon Ladder Hike Mecca Canyon Ladder Hike Mecca Canyon Ladder Hike Mecca Canyon Ladder Hike Mecca



Anniversary Road Trip to Las Vegas, Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon South Rim

Happy Wednesday! We just got back from our Anniversary Road Trip yesterday so I thought I would share how it went. Our trip ended up including dinner in Las Vegas, touring the Hoover Dam, swimming in Lake Mead, staying on the historic Route 66, and then hiking the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.ย It was a wonderful, wonderful trip! We loved celebrating our first year by bringing in the next year with some awesome unforgettable memories. My most favorite part about our trip was probably the Grand Canyon. It is just so breathtaking. I’ve always looked at pictures of it but it’s something you just have to see in person to fully comprehend how massive it is. The Hoover Dam was also amazing to see in person, it really makes you appreciate how genius engineers must be.


Hoover Dam


Vegas: Book a show ahead of time to see in Las Vegas-maybe a dinner and a show would have been fun. We ended up eating in the Stratosphere that overlooks the city but it was crazy expensive! Continue reading


To The Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam We Go

Hoover Dam

We finally decided what to do to celebrate our first anniversary. We’re going to take a 3 day road trip and drive to the Hoover Dam, stay a night there in Henderson, Nevada then drive over to Williams, Arizona near the Grand Canyon and explore for the next 2 days! I’m so happy that we are finally taking a California/Nevada/Arizona Road Trip! It will be our first since we’ve moved out here. The Grand Canyon has been on my destination list for a while now so I’m pretty excited. I’ll be sure to share some pictures on my instagram.

Have a Great Weekend!







DIY Mod Podge Canvas Map

Hola! Mine and my husband’s one year anniversary is this coming Sunday and as I was googling..”one year anniversary gifts” I came upon this great idea to put a map onto a canvas or poster board and then put pushpins or flags or whatever on all of the places that you have visited together. It’s a great reminder of the memories you’ve made together. It will also look pretty on your wall…hopefully.

So here is my experience as I walk you through the “how to” Continue reading


Happy Belated Mother’s Day

Happy Belated Mother’s Day! We are currently still in Atlanta for my little sister’s graduation. It has been a whirlwind of a trip. We flew from San Diego to Atlanta, which was a five hour flight, then the very next day we drove from Atlanta to Jackson, Mississippi for my sister’s college graduation. It was a great time spent with my family and I actually quite enjoyed the long car ride there because it meant we were forced to talk to each other ๐Ÿ™‚


Here is most of my “little” family with the graduate

It has been a great trip so far and being home has been such a treat for us.

How was your Mother’s Day? Any graduations on your horizon?


Summer Vacation Plans

Ocean City New Jersey

Summers here where we live can be outrageously hot (it reaches up to 115) so a lot of people from our small town head up to San Diego to get out of the heat. But since we are not financially able to do that we have planned our vacations during the next couple of months to make our Summer here more bearable. We are going to Atlanta, Georgia next week and then to Atlantic City, New Jersey in July!

We just booked our flights today to New Jersey! YIPEE! I am so excited that we will be taking a visit to see my husband’s family in South Jersey at the end of July. It has been quite a while since we have been able to visit them and I know my husband will enjoy going home for a bit. They also live 20 minutes from the beach which is always a nice perk ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you have any Summer vacation plans for you or your family? If so, where are you headed to? I would love to find a place that could become a tradition to visit every year.



San Diego Road Trip

Happy Tuesday! Me and my husband decided to take a trip up to San Diego over the Holiday weekend to help us from thinking about how much we missed our families (and the traditional Easter Egg Hunt). We were able to find a great deal on a hotel at hotels.comย that was just a block away from the water. We spent Sunday afternoon on the beach and that night we went to our favorite restaurant –The Cheesecake Factory! I know it is a chain but I just love how this place NEVER disappoints me ๐Ÿ™‚ The service is always great and the food is amazing Every Single Time. We ordered Thai lettuce wraps as our appetizer and I had Spicy Cashew Chicken and Andy had Parmesan Chicken Pasta. We both loved our meals and I even took a few pictures of them to prove it…

Spicy Cashew Chicken

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Lazy Day at Starbucks Daydreaming about Traveling through Europe

This afternoon I spent my time at my local Starbucks. I decided I needed to take a trip away from home to quit stressing out about our party tonight since I have already cleaned and decorated WAY TOO MUCH for a small get together lol.
As I was relaxing there I started looking at my new favorite blog…Design Mom and can I say I am so jealous of their cute little, Europe Traveling family! I am not yet a mom and will probably not be for a year or two more but I greatly admire this families courage. This couple moved to Europe with 6 kids…and they are loving it! I would really love to do something like that even if it was just with my husband for a year and we got random jobs. I love day-dreaming about things like that…and it seams like my dreams always take me back to traveling Europe. Do you ever find yourself doing the same thing..about the same places? Well if you do and have actually found the courage to act on those dreams let me know how you did it please ๐Ÿ™‚ Until I find the courage I’m going to stick to dreaming. Have a great Friday everyone!