Mecca Hills Painted Canyon / Ladder Canyon Hike

Last weekend a friend from Palm Springs took us on a beautiful hike in Mecca (just South of Palm Springs, right above the Salton Sea). It was awesome and I loved that it only took around 3 hours total…so it wasn’t too intense for someone that rarely hikes. The unique thing about this hike is that you must scale several ladders to get though the canyon to the scenic top where you can catch view of the Salton Sea. In the past, the only way to get to the top was to use wooden ladders but someone recently replaced them with sturdier aluminum ones….many still have the wooden ones right next to the new ones which was neat to see. I would make sure to take plenty of water, sunglasses and a snack or two…even though you’re shaded by the canyon walls for a lot of the hike, it’s still a good idea to take some sunblock. Enjoy!

Ladder Canyon HikeCanyon Ladder Hike Mecca IMG_1651 Canyon Ladder Hike Mecca Canyon Ladder Hike Mecca Canyon Ladder Hike Mecca Canyon Ladder Hike Mecca