An Italian Thanksgiving Day


Do you ever just wake up some days and actually WANT to cook? Maybe make some of your favorite deserts or your favorite comfort food dish? Well today was one of those days for me. I actually started making a lasagna for tonight at 9:30 this morning..and as soon as I was done with that I started making a home-made pumpkin pie to go along with it…mmmm. I just love pumpkin pies, the spiciness to them and the way they fill your house with smells of Thanksgiving. It’s quite a shame that my husband doesn’t really care for them but I guess that just means more pie for me! 🙂

Happiness Centered

I know pumpkin pies don’t necessarily “go” with lasagna but it’s hard to not enjoy eating two of your favorite foods in one day.


Cheers to your favorite foods!

What are your favorite foods to make?