My Search for Employment

Hello friends,

Today I was thinking about all of the different jobs that I have held..and I thought I would share my latest ventures in case any of them may interest you. To be clear, I do have a bachelor’s degree but honestly none of the positions that I’ve had required anything over a High School diploma or GED. So let’s get started..since moving out to Cali about a year and a half ago I have had exactly THREE jobs. The first was a high school volleyball coach that was only seasonal (lasted 4 months) the only requirement here was that I knew the game, passed a background check and had a few references available to prove that I was not going to kidnap any teenagers! I’ll be honest in case you are wondering how much it pays…it was around $2,300 and you do not get paid anything until the end of the season to guarantee that you won’t walk off if things start getting rough. It was a great part time job and with games usually starting around 5 it would be possible for you to hold down another day job.

coaching high school volleyballThe second and briefest job I held was being a medical scribe in the ER at my local hospital. It was by far one of the most interesting job experiences I’ve had. I have a degree in Health and had been considering going back to school for nursing so some friends recommended that I apply to be a Scribe for “in hospital” experience. Welllll first off, I would only recommend this position to someone that is planning on becoming a Doctor not a nurse…almost all the other scribes I met were trying to get into Med School so they were using this job as a way to get VERY VALUABLE doctor references from the contacts that they would make in the hospital. I guess that would explain why they were willing to be paid minimum wage, work only a few part time hours, nights and weekends required and mandatory Holidays. Needless to say I made it about 2 weeks and decided this was not for me. I realized quickly I would rather volunteer in a hospital than make $8 an hour chasing around an ER doctor while holding a heavy laptop and filling out medical charts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are young Pre-Med students out there where this would be considered there dream job but unfortunately my financial situation doesn’t allow me jobs like this one. (feel free to ask any questions about the training for this job below)

Medical Scribe-Finally, my latest and current job and the one that I have been enjoying the most is being a K-12 Substitute teacher. It has been a wonderful job and experience! Very flexible since you decide when you work (although you need to try to be available whenever they call or you could find yourself on “the black list” where you never get called). The pay is also great, my district pays $100 a day and the hours are usually 7:45AM-2:30PM. The process of getting certified did take around 2 months, you are required to sign up and take a CBEST test or whichever test your state requires, the CBEST is just a standardized test to make sure you understand some basic Math and English concepts. They did like that I had a bachelors but depending on your area they may not care if you have one or not. You are also usually required to get a fingerprint/background test and a TB test and that’s it! It’s well worth the few hoops that you have to jump through!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post, and feel free to ask me any questions about any of these jobs below. Trust me, I know the path to employment can be really frustrating and overwhelming but I wish you the best of luck in finding your dream job! 🙂